Friday, 21 June 2013

OOTD & FOTD - Father's day meal

Me and eleven other members of my family went out for sunday dinner on Father's day to celebrate it with my Dad, Grandad and all my Uncles and their families. It was really lovely and I was happy with the outfit I picked. 

The Denim jacket is from Zara and is a pale denim colour. There is a zip but I think it is mainly for detail as I would only wear the jacket unzipped.

The Dress was a brilliant bargain I picked up in the H&M sale about a year ago. It was only something ridiculous like £3.99 or maybe less and it is perfect for so many occasions as I also like wearing it for sixth form.

The shoes are a pair of browney-grey (not sure what the actual colour name is) flatform style shoe which I actually bought a long time ago, before they came into fashion and they were from Marks and Spencer. I have tiny feet that sometimes struggle to fit into size 3 shoes so whenever I find a pair that I like and fit me I just have to get them! They also go with so many different things but mainly I like wearing them with dresses.

The necklace which is pictured above is from Topshop and it is like neon bunting which I love! I like wearing this to brighten up an outfit, for example my school clothes have to fit in with the colour scheme of black and grey 'smart wear' so I use it to inject a bit of colour. I seem to get quite a few compliments on it as well which is always nice!

I am sorry about the not-great quality of the makeup look as I am so new to this and I didn't realise the makeup wasn't very clear until I had took it off so I'll describe it in detail for you instead!

Face: On my face I wore Max factor lasting performance foundation in100 fair (the palest colour) and the collection 200 lasting perfection concealer in fair (also the palest colour) with the Rimmel clear complexion translucent powder to set.

Cheeks: On my cheeks I am wearing a matte Rimmel Bronzer (which I can't find a link for) and the Collection 2000 shimmer shades blush quad and I used the pinkier two of the four colours. I also used the 17 instant glow shimmer brick in pink bronze on the very tops of my cheekbones.

Eyes: I used the urban decay primer potion as a base. The eyeshadows I used were all from the Urban Decay naked basics palette  the colours I used were; venus, the lightest and also the only shimmery shadow in the palette in the inner corner and on the brow bone. Then I use, W.O.S which is a skin colour to even out my lid. Naked two, a light brown colour goes on the outer corner of the lid and the darkest brown in the palette, faint goes in the crease. I put a tiny bit of crave which is a black shadow in the crease also just to give a bit more depth. 
Then I used a brown eyeliner from avon just on the lower lash line but only on the outer half of it.
 I also created a thickish line with a flick using maybelline gel eyeliner in black and finally applied 17 Doll'd up mascara in black on the top lashes.

For lips I simply applied Lanolips and then Topshop lip stick in all about me to create a lip that wasn't completely matte.

I hope this was enjoyable and I am going to brainstorm some ideas of how to make this less rambly next time....  

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Beauty Wishlist #1

Recently I have had extremely dry skin and it seems that every product I use on my face clings to it and highlights the flakiness, especially concealer, so I was so excited when i heard about this new concealer from benefit. The centre of the product conceals and on the outside there is a ring of a moisturising balm that in theory should cover the dry areas without producing the flaky look.  I've watched a few youtube videos about this and I am really excited to try it. 

Also my recent dry skin has made me sensitive to almost every moisturiser I own, even ones for sensitive skin! I have used this before and so has my Mum who has a similar skin type to me and I know that it is very gentle and moisturising.

My hair takes quite a long time to blow-dry and I will be glad of anything that can shorten that time for me! I am thinking of using this after my tangle teaser and before my hairdryer to hopefully reduce my drying time. I also like it for the way it looks with all the little blue bobbly bits.

I bought this last year for my prom and it looked so pretty and girly. It is a blue toned fuchsia lipstick which is highly pigmented and super bright. I wore it almost all the time after the event, even for everyday looks paired with neutral makeup on the rest of my face. Unfortunately I have somehow managed to lose it and I have come to the conclusion that I just can't live without it and need to buy it again because it is just too gorgeous!

I am a lover of all things glittery so this product is my holy grail! It is a loose silver glitter which comes with a 'priming cream base' to help it stick. I think this would be a great product for festival season or used in a party makeup look.

Let me know if you have used any of these or if you have any recommendations!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Review: Clean & Clear Morning energy skin brightening daily facial moisturiser

I first heard about this product when I was watching a Miss Budget Beauty Youtube video and thought no more of it. Not long afterwards I was in boots looking at skincare when I noticed it again. I had purchased some other clean and clear products and as there was an offer on of 3 for 2, I put it in my basket and have used it almost everyday since!

This is a super budget product coming in at..... £3.99 !!!

The product comes in a zingy yellow pump-bottle that can be locked to prevent any product from squeezing out when it isn't being used or during travel. However, I would have liked it to have a lid for extra security. It smells fruity and yummy too which is always a bonus!

 Recently I have had extremely dry and sensitive skin and this is one of the only moisturisers that hasn't made my face sting and itch. The product is a really good consistency (not to thick and heavy nor too watery.)  On a good skin day this is all I need to rehydrate my skin after a nights sleep, however, if my skin is extremely dry I use it in accordance with a deep moisturising cream as well.  It sinks in quickly too, which is important for me especially when I'm rushing to get ready in the mornings! 

The moisturiser contains fine glitter particles that give a glowing/radiant look to the skin. The shimmer can slightly be seen under a light to medium coverage foundation and I use it everyday before I apply my makeup. I don't feel like it breaks me out or irritates my sensitive skin and I think I will repurchase it again when I run out and for the price there is no reason not to!