Thursday, 18 July 2013

Review: Super Facialist / Liz Earle

On a recent Boots visit I bought these three products:

When I first heard about this cleanser I knew I needed to buy it. It smelt like rose, can take eye makeup off and calms skin as I have really red cheeks that can get irritated and dry easily. It was the perfect package and it hasn't failed to impress.

The product is a thick cream consistency which smells beautiful but isn't overpowering. You need quite a big dollop of it and basically rub it in all over your face until you almost can't see it anymore. I use it on my eyes but it doesn't say you can on the packaging, however on the website it says that you can which is very confusing! I find that when I use this product twice a day my skin is amazing, and hardly red at all but to be honest with you I don't necessarily think it removes makeup that well on its own, however, combined with the muslin cloths it works like a dream 

Moving on to the muslin cloths. I have tried a muslin cloth before from soap and glory which came with their hot cloth cleanser and didn't see it as much more use than a flannel, although the cleanser was fab! I decided to get these out of curiosity and I really love them. On the website it says that they exfoliate the skin and aid circulation and I agree. They don't feel scratchy but you can tell that they are doing a good job and when you finish washing your face it feels so soft. With the cleanser I just put the cloth under hot water and then onto my face and wipe away any product. I then rinse it off and let it air dry.

Lock me up and throw away the keys because I have to admit that I have never worn SPF on my face apart from average sun block on holiday. I feel like I can't go anywhere on youtube without being told to wear SPF every day, especially in the summer, and when I was buying my cleanser I decided to try this out as well. I'm sadly not as impressed with it as I am with the cleanser for the only reason that it makes my face look really shiny meaning I can't wear it without any other products as I have to de-shine with powder. I will definitely wear it though as it is protecting me from ageing and skin problems in the future so I will forgive it a bit of shine!

Overall I am really happy with these buys and I am looking forward to trying more products from the Super Facialist range!

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